Science Based Assessment

Contrary to popular belief, good assessment applies scientific principles to its methodology right from the very start. Assessment should predict business success; without this, the use of assessment would not be justified. We always begin with this end in mind.

Our experienced Assessment Psychologists and Psychometricians have a wealth of experience in both consulting and producing bespoke solutions that are fit-for purpose for our partners. Our assessment services cover all aspects of the employee life cycle for all levels including, pre-selection, selection, development (including talent management practices), and learning.

So whether you want to assess top leaders, undertake mass recruitment or understand how to manage the cut-offs for norms between countries, then you’re in the right place.

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Psychometric Tests

Off-the-shelf solutions or pure bespoke tests catered to your organisation.

Ability tests, SJTs, Personality assessments and more!

No matter what your needs are, we are sure to provide solutions that don’t just align to your requirements, but use language that resonates with your organisation too.

Assessment Exercises

Presentations, Interview guides, In-trays, Group Discussions, Assessment Centres

Business cases for all levels of your organisation

We work with you in a range of ways to produce assessment exercises that are fit-for-purpose. Our innovative and agile approach means we have solutions to serve you in a best-practice manner.

Development Solutions

Team Development, Tool-kits, Learning needs analysis, Centres

Try our innovative and fun team-building game

By assessing your personality, we develop a list of behavioural statements for your team members who will then have the opportunity to play a game where they are required to ‘guess’ each other’s personality.

Assessor Training

Assessment best practice workshops, CBI, Assessor, Culture and Personality

...The lack of which is the biggest pitfall in good Assessment

A variety of delivery methods to suit your needs from webinars to the traditional face-to-face training.

Our Other Services

If it involves assessment, then chances are we do it. We cover all aspects of assessment across the employee life cycle, so even if you can’t find what you’re looking for on here, don’t hold back and get in touch. Here are some of the other services we offer.

Off-the-shelf solutions are available and work well, however the real value is obtained when bespoke tests are developed from scratch specifically for your organisation.
Norms and benchmarks for assessments can be tricky to manage particularly when you see group differences. Our experts will create norms by country, help you deal with adverse impact, and provide guidance on how best to manage different norm groups in a cost-effective manner.
Developing competency frameworks or writing behaviours to satisfy a pre-defined model, we will produce your solution using terminology that resonates with your organisation.
To measure what really matters, we first have to identify and understand what it is that we should be assessing. Job Analysis is a systematic approach that uses numerous methods to work with subject matter experts and key stakeholders to gauge a thorough understanding of what a job requires. Our experts have undertaken 100s of job analyses for many organisations.
Is the assessment methodology reducing employee turnover, increasing engagement and/or productivity? The cost of using assessments should be less than the benefit you gain from using it. We will conduct validation studies that will identify which assessment and which aspects of those assessments are most predictive against things that matter to you most (e.g. KPIs).
Many tests, particularly cognitive assessments demonstrate group differences in results. For example, females tend to better than males on Verbal Reasoning. Diversity analysis helps to identify these differences such that sensible action can be taken if necessary.
Identify what skills, knowledge, experience, competencies and attributes a role requires such that you assess only that which is critical to job success. We can help you create profiles for various roles, helping you build library of jobs where ‘critical’ aspects of the role are assessed.
Whether your recruiting how volumes or unique specialist roles, we can help you choose the fit-for-purpose assessment, show you how to use them in line with best practice and build an efficient cost saving yet effective process in which to ensure fairness, reliability and confident decision making.

Why Choose Us

      • We are passionate about using good assessment to make your employees happier, more productive and more engaged, ultimately reducing employee turnover and making your organisation more profitable
      • We are Chartered Psychologists with years of experience working with many fortune 100 clients
      • Our expertise covers all aspects of assessment and the employee life cycle – from assessment to selection and development.
      • We are highly flexible to your requirements building fit for purpose solutions unique to your needs aiming for a sustainable partnership which is not possible without a true win-win
      • We are experts in Psychometrics and provide innovative solutions to save you money on on-going requirements such as norms and cut-offs.

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