What looks good to you, doesn’t look good to me – and I’m objective

Assessment is great when it works well. The strength of good assessment comes from the fact that it is objective. The only time we really compromise on an assessment process is when we introduce humans into the mix – unfortunately we all do and we have no other alternative but to have one of us give a candidate an ‘objective’ (as possible) a rating.

So how do we address the inability of humans to be objective and for them to put aside their physiological or psychological moods? The truth is, we simply can’t. However, what we can do is minimise the risk of this subjectivity by giving our assessors some training. This training helps to make assessors aware of potential subjectivity pitfalls, provides them with a process and a platform within which to work in order to minimise this risk. Finally it helps them base their ratings on objective pre-defined behavioural criteria, and not on what they ‘think’ is good.

We have numerous solutions to serve everyone’s needs, from train-the-trainers (TTT) to webinar-based methods, and we are also extremely flexible to accommodate any of your requirements.

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Our Other Services

If it involves assessment, then chances are we do it. We cover all aspects of assessment across the employee life cycle, so even if you can’t find what you’re looking for on here, don’t hold back and get in touch. Here are some of the other services we offer.

Bespoke Assessment Design

We work with you to develop assessment exercises that reflect the real job. We even use language that resonates with your organisation. No matter what your needs, our innovative philosophy means we have a solution for you.


Use Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) for more reliable hiring decisions. BARS allow you to maximise objectivity by ensuring there is consistency amongst the benchmarks that assessors apply to assess what is good. Assessor rating forms involve comparing candidate responses to pre-defined behaviours. Let us define rating forms with BARS for your exercises.

Assessment Portfolio

Help your recruiters hire more easily by providing them with the tools necessary for effective recruitment. Build a portfolio of assessment exercises sufficient for your whole organisation, developed by both level and function. With your own bespoke portfolio, your recruiters will always have relevant and reliable assessments to use for hiring, regardless of where they are located across the organisation.

Why Choose Us

We are passionate about using good assessment to make your employees happier, more productive and more engaged, ultimately reducing employee turnover and making your organisation more profitable.
We are Chartered Psychologists with years of experience working with many fortune 100 clients.
Our expertise covers all aspects of assessment and the employee life cycle – from assessment to selection and development.
We are highly flexible to your requirements building fit for purpose solutions unique to your needs aiming for a sustainable partnership which is not possible without a true win-win.
We are experts in Psychometrics and provide innovative solutions to save you money on on-going requirements such as norms and cut-offs.

Have a question? Feel free to contact us anytime at info@talentassess.co.uk