Assessment for Development

The same principles of assessment for selection are applied during development in that assessments should fair, reliable, valid and objective and that they must reflect some ‘relevant’ (job) criteria against which the participant’s responses (oral and behavioural) are to be compared.

All too often ‘we know a good employee when we see one’ and assessing objectively in a development context is frequently more trickier than assessing during selection. The reason for this is simply the fact that the employee is known to the organisation for longer and chances are the assessors, if internal, may well have an experience (or opinion) about the individual. Thus assessing in the developmental context needs to be as objective as possible which is why many organisations tend to opt for the online psychometric type of assessment; this of course is cost-effective and efficient too.

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Learning Needs Analysis (LNA)

Unique competency assessment delivered online using multi-rater feedback

Efficient assessment with automated reporting

Reporting by individual, benchmarked by team, function and organisation. Report covers both Functional and Behavioural areas, providing automatic development priorities that can be used as a first step discussion with their supervisor.

Development Tool-kits

Let's go that step further. Tool-kits that provide development tips and guidance based on priority development areas that have been identified.

Combine LNA and development tool-kits

For an end-to-end approach to developing your employees, use our Learning Needs Analysis methodology along with Development tool-kits and assess employees a year after to check improvement. We are confident you will not be disappointed.

Team Development

Try our innovative and fun team-building game which helps you to get to know and understand each other's preferences using a personality assessment

True team connection

By assessing your personality, we develop a list of behavioural statements for your team members who will then have the opportunity to play a game where they are required to ‘guess’ each other’s personality.

Bespoke Development Solutions

Online or offline assessment methods using 180, 270 or 360 methodology with automated development feedback

Unique to your organisation

Develop a unique development solution that is psychometrically robust and implemented quickly and efficiently.

Our Other Services

If it involves assessment, then chances are we do it. We cover all aspects of assessment across the employee life cycle, so even if you can’t find what you’re looking for on here, don’t hold back and get in touch. Here are some of the other services we offer.

To measure what really matters, we first have to identify and understand what it is that we should be assessing. Job Analysis is a systematic approach that uses numerous methods to work with subject matter experts and key stakeholders to gauge a thorough understanding of what a job requires. Our experts have undertaken 100s of job analyses for many organisations.This information can then be used to model a competency framework (see the next tab).
Developing competency frameworks or writing behaviours to satisfy a pre-defined model, we will produce your solution using terminology that resonates with your organisation. These frameworks depict behaviours relevant to each competency identified during the Job Analysis stage, and also break these down by job level (e.g. such as career stage). These can be used to develop new bespoke assessments such as those used for Learning Needs Analysis (LNA).
Using competency models, assessment exercises can be created or at least relevant ones can be identified to use during a Development Centre. Dedicated personalised feedback reports can be provided and fed back to the delegates. Subsequent coaching can be delivered to help manoeuvre participants to their desired goals by gradually encouraging their thinking in the right direction.

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      • We are passionate about using good assessment to make your employees happier, more productive and more engaged, ultimately reducing employee turnover and making your organisation more profitable
      • We are Chartered Psychologists with years of experience working with many fortune 100 clients
      • Our expertise covers all aspects of assessment and the employee life cycle – from assessment to selection and development.
      • We are highly flexible to your requirements building fit for purpose solutions unique to your needs aiming for a sustainable partnership which is not possible without a true win-win
      • We are experts in Psychometrics and provide innovative solutions to save you money on on-going requirements such as norms and cut-offs.

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