“The best way to assess a candidate is to just put them in the real job and see how they get on…”

…the next best thing is to use exercises that simulate the actual job! According to experts and significant research, the most predictive methods of job success are Assessment Exercises. These exercises tap into the competencies that the ‘real’ job would require and often take the form of presentations, written work, role-plays, group discussions, in-trays and so on.

The assessments also intend to provide the candidate with an idea of the type of work the job would require them to do should they be selected. This exercises serve as realistic job preview, resulting in candidates having a more accurate picture painted of the job, and thus those who are chosen and subsequently choose to join the company are likely to stay longer simply because they had a better idea of what was expected.

Assessment Exercises result in a better candidate experience and more accurate hiring decisions, often leading to more productive and engaged employees. But remember, without training, ‘a Formula 1 car is only as good as its driver’. Call us now to find out more.

Bespoke Assessment Design

We work with you to develop exercises that reflect the real job.

We even use language that resonates with your organisation

No matter what your needs, our innovative philosophy means we have a solution for you.

Assessor Training

The biggest risk to assessment is the subjectivity of assessors.

Training helps to increase objectivity and subsequently better hiring decisions.

Having a great tool with an untrained assessor is no different to having a bad tool.

Use BARS for more reliable hiring decisions

Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales allow you to maximise objectivity

Assessor Rating Forms involve comparing candidate responses to pre-defined behaviours.

Let us develop rating forms with BARS for your exercises so that no matter who is assessing, there is consistency amongst the benchmarks the assessors apply to assess what is good.

A portfolio of Exercises sufficient for your whole organisation

Help your recruiters hire more easily, regardless of the level of role or function

Have assessment exercises for all levels and functions within your organisation

We can help you develop the tools necessary for effective recruitment. Build your portfolio so that your recruiters always have relevant assessments regardless of where they are located in the world.

Our Other Services

If it involves assessment, then chances are we do it. We cover all aspects of assessment across the employee life cycle, so even if you can’t find what you’re looking for on here, don’t hold back and get in touch. Here are some of the other services we offer.

A one-day interactive session with up to 12 delegates, covering best practice principles of the CBI. Delegates are provided with models and processes by which to govern the whole assessment process before, during and after the CBI, in order to increase objectivity. Finally a practical session and short fun exam is used to embed the learning.
A two-day training session covering elements of the CBI training, but working individuals on various types of assessment exercises such as group discussions, presentations, role-plays etc. A one-day assessor-refresher training course is also available for up to 12 delegates at a time.
A two-day workshop for up to 24 delegates covering all elements of best practice assessment, including practical sessions (pre-course and during) involving assessment tools and role-playing through assessment stages. Highly interactive, fun and safe learning environment with supportive feedback from all participants involved.

Why Choose Us

      • We are passionate about using good assessment to make your employees happier, more productive and more engaged, ultimately reducing employee turnover and making your organisation more profitable
      • We are Chartered Psychologists with years of experience working with many fortune 100 clients
      • Our expertise covers all aspects of assessment and the employee life cycle – from assessment to selection and development.
      • We are highly flexible to your requirements building fit for purpose solutions unique to your needs aiming for a sustainable partnership which is not possible without a true win-win
      • We are experts in Psychometrics and provide innovative solutions to save you money on on-going requirements such as norms and cut-offs.

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